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Filthy Fuck
Joined: 12 May 2006, 13:47

16 May 2006, 11:09 #1

Hello fellows . . check out the new forum in a new days !
It should be finnished on this weekend and we need new members
-> check it out under
I know in the beginning its always a bit hard to get new members and until everything flows , but it has a lot of good sides as well
- you can have your name reserved before you sign up even
- you can become a member of the staff may
- you can be one of the first member which is at least nothing bad !!
You can find there
- different sections for different metal styles
- off topic
- computer talk
- meet new people
- reviews
- festivals close to your area
We are open to suggestions for new areas and new boards , you just got to tell us what it is and we may consider it !
Join , sign up , be a member - help makin this forum one of the biggest in the future !!