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Enchantress Cneaja Rusalka
Vampire Mess
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15 Feb 2008, 03:38 #1

I don't really have much to brag about, but here it goes:

Countess: Heilig Vuur

Odium: The Sad Realm of the Stars

Eternal Silence: From Beyond Time

Hirilorn/Nasav split

Cradle of Filth: Sodomizing the Virgin Vamps (the only CoF bootleg I own)

Filthy Fuck
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15 Feb 2008, 21:08 #2

i suppose they're not exactly rare but i have the crusade by Trivium and Are you dead yet? by children of bodom signed by the entire respective bands

Warlocks Arse
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16 Feb 2008, 19:36 #3

These are some rarities in terms of how few copies were made and that I'd likely never be able to replace them if they were lost. Incidentally, they are
also items I'd never sell or trade.


Top row:

Velvet Cacoon - Northsuite (original cd-r/Ivory Snowfish version)

Elysian Blaze - Prophecies of Misery demo cd-r (23/25)

Hyperborean - Of Malice... demo cd-r

Bottom row:

Die Verbannten Kinder Evas - s/t

Die Verbannten Kinder Evas - Come Heavy Sleep digi

Eternal Dementia - The Virgin, Sedated and Seduced demo cd-r


Top row:

The Morgue - Bedtime Music from Beyond the Grave

Summoning - Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame (early promo w/alternate sound mix)

Malice Mizer - Le Ciel 3" cd single (first press, handmade fold-out jacket)

Under the Black Sun Festival VHS

Bottom row:

Led Zeppelin - Runes and Quibble. Bootlegs from '71 and '69, transferred from vinyls belonging to a former Toledo record store owner who ran a bootleg
trading circle out of his shop in the 70's. Easily the best live material I've ever heard from the band.

Cradle of Filth - Live in Portugal '94 bootleg DVD


Top row:

Vomit Orchestra - Black/Behold...the Eve of Conclusion (9/20)

Vomit Orchestra - Decrepit (1/10)

Mortiis - The Song of a Long Forgotten Ghost

Celestia - Under the Reign of Terror and Tyranny (57/100)

Summoning/Pazuzu - The Urilia Text
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Warlocks Arse
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17 Feb 2008, 00:48 #4

I was actually curious to see what you had Trev, so I'm glad that you posted some of them.

Great collection. I started listening to Die Verbannten Kinder Evas thanks to you.Image
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Filthy Fuck
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17 Feb 2008, 21:59 #5

My CD collection is rather pitiful, but I do have a few original issues:

Troll: Drep De Kristne

Eyehategod: In the name of Suffering

and the not so rare, but awesome signed copy of Thornography
"I took her by the hand to say

All faith forever has been washed away

I returned for you in great dismay

Come with me, far away to stay"



angels hunter
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17 Feb 2008, 23:26 #6

Not much really.

I'd say

Vrolok - Nocturnal Isolation (tape) / Necrolegions t-shirt

Vomit Orchestra - Under the Shadows (tape)

Interfektor - Symphonie des Grauens (tape)

Interfektor - Fullmoon Antiquity (tape)

Sick - Filth and Ugliness (tape)

Warlocks Arse
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18 Feb 2008, 13:31 #7

Not much??? *slaps Bruno......nicely of course* I'd kill (again....) for some of the Vrolok, Vomit Orchestra, Sick stuff on tape. Hold on to that shit!!!!
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18 Feb 2008, 20:09 #8

I have quite a lot of rarities. Image

These include:

Vlad Tepes - 'War Funeral March' (original CD, Embassy Productions)

Burzum - 'Aske' (original LP)

Burzum - 'Hvis Lyset Tar Oss' (original cassette)

Emperor - 'Emperor' (original LP)

Emperor - 'Reverence' (original mini LP)

Cradle of Filth - 'The Principle of Evil Made Flesh' (LP; I think it is the second pressing)

Elysian Blaze - 'Beneath Silent Faces' (original cassette. Our split with him will be great. :P)

about 30 (mostly original) '80s/early '90s thrash and death metal LPs, and a load of miscellaneous black metal promo CDs...

I remember finding a copy of the Vlad Tepes CD on eBay going for about $200, maybe more. I was lucky to get my copy in a market, in some random Cornish
town, for a very cheap price. I also got most of my LPs for under a tenner. Fuck knows how much stuff like the Burzum LP could make! I do wonder if I'll
ever have the guts to sell any of them, heh.
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Filthy Fuck
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18 Feb 2008, 20:48 #9

Don't have much rarer or underground material (still a newbie at music, really). Sadly, I think I'd have to say my rarities extend to probably my
limited edition copy of Korn's "See You on the Other Side" or Within Temptation's "The Howling EP"

Vampire Mess
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19 Feb 2008, 00:55 #10

Besides all of my COF rarity's, I don't have much but here goes (some of these are not rare as in hard to find but rare as in out of print or they are
the original pressings)

Iced Earth (Self Titled - Fallen Angel Cover)

Iced Earth - Night Of The Stormrider (First cover)

Iced Earth - Burnt Offerings (Red devil cover, not the re release devil in flames kinda looking like Mercyful Fate's Don't Break The Oath cover)

Iced Earth - Dark Genesis Box Set

Iced Earth - Days Of Purgatory 2 Disc Digi Pak set (though it was water damaged and the booklet stuck to the back of the case and is fucked, the cd's are
good though)

Iced Earth - (Self titled Japanese Cover, unfortunately that too was water damaged and totally fucked had to throw it out, but I did have it at one point)

Iced Earth - The Glorious Burden Slip Case 2 Disc Digi pak

Tiamat - Clouds (first press)

Tiamat - The Sleeping Beauty (first press)

Tiamat - History (use to have this wish I still did, but I had it)

Hypocrisy - Penetralia (First press red lettering. All other pressings had the logo and title in white letters)

That's about it for rares.